Portfolio Piece 6: Blog – What happened when I tried making Rekorderlig’s 5 summer cocktails

So I set myself the challenge (ok it’s not really a “challenge”) of making Rekorderlig’s 5 Summer cocktails.

So you know Rekorderlig?….maybe not. It’s a delicious fruit cider all the way from Sweden. BUT its not just any cider. NO! It’s a cider that can change your summer… by helping  you discover the freshest, easiest, yummiest and awesomist cocktails ever. What really!? I hear you cry…just you wait and see.

So you might have seen lots of their advertising dotted around Facebook, Instagram, in magazines and their recipe cards in stores, telling us to discover something new, by making Rekorderlig’s  5 Summer Cocktails.

Rekorderlig Bramble bush Cider cocktail
Rekorderlig Bramble Bush Cider Cocktail with fresh blackcurrants, garnished with lemon

So I thought I would take on the “challenge” and let you all know what really happened when I attempted making Rekorderlig’s 5 summer cocktails.

So on the way home from work I popped into my local supermarket (Rekorderlig is stocked at all BIG supermarkets) to gather the ingredients to make one of Rekorderlig’s 5 summer cocktails the “Rekorderlig’s Bramble Bush Cider Cocktail”.

I was pleasantly surprised…it was SOOO easy! With all the cocktails only having 4 ingredients,  it was a much easier, lighter and cheaper shopping trip than if I’d tried to make my normal choice of cocktail (a raspberry mojito btw).


So we all have busy lives and we want to make impressive cocktails but with minimal effort. So again a nice surprise as these were super easy, super impressive and you literally just chuck it together!!

Now, whilst mine didn’t look as fancy as the one in the recipe card (obviously). I’m pretty darn proud of it….so proud that I even added a mint leaf, you know, just my own little signature touch! I really think with another go I could rival the original.

Emily's own attempt at a Rekorderlig Bramble Cider Cocktail
Emily’s attempt at a Rekorderlig Bramble Bush Cider Cocktail

Over a few different occasions, including a family picnic, and a trip to the beach with the boyfriend, I tried making the other recipes (with limited equipment and a little sand as an extra) and safe to say I was not disappointed, they all lived up to their delicious expectations and I know I keep saying it but SO EASY! You guys need to try it yourselves.

So after all of this…what happened I tried making Rekorderlig’s 5 Summer Cocktails? Well I made really delicious, easy, refreshing cocktails, using simple fresh ingredients and a couple of bottles of Rekorderlig Cider! Whats not to like?

Try your own and vote for your favourite cocktail recipe at Reckorderlig.com!!

Check out more Rekorderlig fun and awesomeness on our Instagram, Facebook


Rekorderlig  Cider is a Swedish fruit flavoured cider created in 1996, that is still brewed today in its home town, 6 different flavours are available ranging from Strawberry and Lime to Pear. A 2017 Mintel Cider Report highlights that Rekorderlig only has a 3% market share within the UK Cider Market. In comparison to Strongbow, Bulmers and direct competitor Kopparberg, this small market share offers many challenges in gaining sales and brand awareness.

The Challenge

To increase awareness of the brand Rekorderlig Cider.

The Solution

The introduction of Rekorderlig Cider as a base for summer themed cocktails.

The Result

A predominantly visual campaign showing 5 cocktails that can be made from a base of Rekorderlig cider.

The Business Objective and the Position in the Customer Journey are Awareness Raising. Increasing awareness and recall of Rekorderlig Cider within the millennial target market. Sharon Michaels from Forbes magazine explains that by keeping your brand name and message in front of your target market it  reminds them who the brand is. Through a multi channel campaign, brands can increase their awareness levels.

YouGov  states that Rekorderlig’s target market are millennials.  Dan Schawbel  from Forbes, writes about millennial consumers. Stating that they rely on social media and blogs,  33% seek out blogs and reviews before making a purchase. Vincent Carlos from PR Daily, states that “pull marketing” is more effective, as millennials are sceptical of being directly marketed to. Jeff Fromm from Forbes suggests that millennials desire brand relationships and by sharing User Generated Content (UGC) brands can create a person to person relationship. O’Connor from Social Media Week states that 84% of millennials say that UGC on a company website or social media platform significantly influences their purchases.


Rekorderlig is more than just a cider, it is ‘The Cider’ to drink this summer.


Use Rekorderlig Cider to make these great recipes – Mix Rekorderlig Cider with ice and fresh ingredients and serve as a sophisticated summer drink. Easy to make. Friends will love it.

Focus Phrases

“What happened when I tried making Rekorderlig’s 5 summer cocktails…”


Visitors and unique visitors, click throughs to Rekorderlig website, Instagram and Facebook.

Focus phrase research


What Happened When I Tried and Failed at Making Dutch Pancakes

Buzzfeed take leading brands products that offer a “try it at home” added value, and have a go, writing an article or a video to document its outcomes . This offers an opportunity to build a personal relationships with consumers as it dose not come across as direct advertising.

The tone of voice is style, refreshing and sophisticated, conveyed visually through a UGC blog to show what happened when one Rekorderlig consumer made some of the Rekordelrig cocktails. The blog has one of the main campaign images but includes four of the consumers attempts. Nigel Huddleston wrote an article on millennials drink choices explains that millennial customers are moving to sweeter drink tastes.  The images suggests the fruity, sweet, refreshing flavour of the drinks. The home made attempts show the simplistic but sophisticated nature of the recipes through the glasses, composition of the images and the garnishes.

Image (blog): stock image library Unsplash 

Logo: Rekorderlig website

Ingredient list : Glass, Blackcurrants, Gin, Chase, Lemon


Google Images (2017a) Gordon’s Gin. Available at:https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=gordons+gin&safe=strict&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi9nYvvt_vSAhVsJcAKHUQECxYQ_AUIBygC&biw=1155&bih=900#imgrc=oeo52XA3_GAVZM (Accessed 29 March 2017).

Google Images (2017b) Blackcurrants. Available at:https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=blackcurrants&safe=strict&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwibkMS9uPvSAhUMAcAKHQ-IBrkQ_AUIBygC&biw=1155&bih=900#imgrc=i71NzwxceaayiM: (Accessed 29 March 2017).

Google Images (2017c) Lemon. Available at:https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=lemon&safe=strict&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjYuvzVuPvSAhVrC8AKHVUrBW4Q_AUIBigB&biw=1155&bih=900#imgrc=_z81f2MW6NNAhM: (Accessed 29 March 2017).

Google Images (2017d) Chase Blackcurrant liqueur. Available at:https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=chase+blackcurrant+liqueur&safe=strict&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiysqPtuPvSAhXCCsAKHW4VDOYQ_AUIBygC&biw=1155&bih=900#imgrc=waga32aIV8rrNM:  (Accessed 29 March 2017).

Google Images (2017d) Crystal Cut whiskey glass.  Available at:https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=crystal+cut+glass&safe=strict&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi44I2OufvSAhUJM8AKHRT1CjIQ_AUIBygC&biw=1155&bih=900#safe=strict&tbm=isch&q=crystal+cut+whiskey++glass&*&imgrc=dmX5aOvuIeFEAM: (Accessed 29 March 2017).

Rekorderlig (2017) Rekorderlig. Available at:http://www.rekorderlig.com/gb/ (Accessed 29 March 2017).

Unsplash (2017) Unsplash. Available at:https://unsplash.com/ (Accessed 29 March 2017).


Business objective

To increase awareness and recall of the brand Rekorderlig within the millennial target market. Source: Michaels , Source: Anastasia Kourovskaia at Warc, Source: Warc, Source: Nigel Jones, Louise Cook and Clive Cooper at Warc.

Audience Research

 Marketing Week  states that the target audience for Rekorderlig and this blog is millennials (18-24’s). YouGove and Goldman and Sach highlights that its both men and women, who want to ‘break to mould, set trends’ and love entertaining their friends and bringing something new to their friendship group. Schawbel and Olenski also tell us that they enjoy the theatre of making cocktails and enjoy sweeter fruitier drinks.

Schawbel points out that the millennial generation relies on modern media, with research showing that 33% of millennials seek out blogs and reviews before making a purchase. The use of ‘pull marketing’ is more effective, as millennials want to build relationships with brands, and feel special, not part of a mass audience Carlos 2016. This transpires as 43% of millennials valuing the authenticity of user generated content rather than content, as they connect the best with people rather than logos Schawbel.

User generated content 

O’Connor highlights that Millenials are most likely than any other generation to share their experiences with others on social media, they value experiences and recommendations of friends, family and strangers! They want to know what people thought of a product, service or experience ! Is it worth them trying, shall I do it too?!

Source: O’Connor

84% of millennials say that User Generated Content (UGC)  on a company website or social media influences their purchases. O’Connor furthers this by explaining that the size of the purchase doesn’t matter, millennials will look to UGC before they purchase to get an understanding of what ‘real’ people think not just what the marketing tells them they will experience, service, product.


This audience are very skeptical of being marketed to, Fromm suggests that they want to build a relationship with a brand, they want to feel their personality is being reflected in the brand, by sharing UGC stories brands can create this person to person relationship, not brand to customer relationship.

UGC is 20% more influential than any other media type 

Position in Customer Journey

Awareness-  this sponsored advert will be to raise awareness of the product and brand Rekorderlig cider to consumers who may have never come across it before.

Tone of Voice

  • Style
  • Refreshing
  • Sophisticated


  • Rekorderlig is more than just a cider, it is ‘The Cider’ to drink this summer.

Creative Format

  • Blog (User generated content story of person who has tried out the cocktails).


Survey’s online to millennials/ focus group market research pre and post campaign to measure millennial awareness and recall


Try these great recipes – Mix with ice and fresh ingredients and serve as a sophisticated summer drink. Easy to make. Friends will love it.


Semiotic meaning of images

new-campaign-mood-boardThe new images for the new campaign all signify old values, fun, smiles, good times but easy, simplistic, fresh and satisfying. They are all cohesive and fit well together, showing the good things in life, 11,14 show laughter and fun. 12,8,7,10,3,4 show drinks that look refreshing, easily achievable, natural, thirst quenching and delicious, because of the fresh fruit, the ice and the vibrant colours, the glasses and the garnishes are simplistic and easy to do yourself. Images 13,6,2,1 show the old values of life, people spending time with friends doing fun things and enjoying life. These images all celebrate are simplistic, stylistic and rustic, whilst offering a level of sophistication.

  Read more here! -> Rekorderlig: Visual imagery and Semiotic Analysis


Focus Phrases:

“What happened when I tried making”

What happened when I tried making Rekorderlig’s 5 summer cocktails…”

“Rekorderlig’s 5 Summer Cocktails”


Examples of other pages using similar focus words for other recipes, hobbies, tutorials, and make your own’s.


What Happened When I Tried and Failed at Making Dutch Pancakes

What happened when I tried to make Delia’s pineapple salsa

Here’s What Happened When I Tried Making My Own Nail Polish With Mixify Polish’s DIY Kit

Research of examples

I did some research, to look at some sites and posts that use the UGC approach, and brands that are sharing their customers experiences using the products or the campaign they have put together.

burberryBurberry, whilst trying to change the companies age old branding approach, used customers pictures of them wearing a Burberry Trench on “The Art of the Trench” website. Here customers could upload, rate and comment on pictures of how people are wearing the classic trench coat differently.


Greek Yogurt company Chobani, used its customer base to boost sales. They asked
loyal customers to submit pictures and chobani.pngvideos praising their yogurt and how they use it in their everyday routine. This content was shared across the company website, billboard and magazines. This allowed their customers to advertise for them and really allow the brand to step away from directly marketing.

Another example is Buzzfeed, they take products from leading brands that offer a “try it at home” added value. This isn’t commissioned by the brand itself but if they carry it out successfully can help to support the real person to real person marketing, rather than a brand forcing marketing onto an audience.


Buzzfeed (2016) Here’s What It’s Like To Actually Cook All the Meal Delivery Kits.  Available at:https://www.buzzfeed.com/alisonroman/all-the-boxes?utm_term=.lfJrZaOZmp#.xd12qBwqWL (Accessed 15 March 2017).

Bush,S. (2016) What happened when I tried to make Delia’s pineapple salsa. The Guardian. Available at:https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/oct/28/delia-smith-pineapple-salsa-recipe-stephen-bush-the-delia-project (Accessed 15 March 2017).

Connors,M. (2016) I Tried To Make A Fruitcake and This is What Happened To Me.  Available at:https://www.chegg.com/play/food-and-fit/food/tried-make-fruitcake-happened/ (Accessed 15 March 2017).

Fromm,J. (2016) ‘ The Power Of User-Generated Content And Reviews Stimulates Millennial Purchase Behavior’. Forbes. Available at:https://www.forbes.com/sites/jefffromm/2016/10/26/the-power-of-user-generated-content-and-reviews-stimulates-millennial-purchase-behavior/#10fd4bc01394  (Accessed 15 March 2017).

Jone, N. Cook,L. and Cooper, C. (1991) Persistence & chimpanzees – the PG Tips case history. Available at: https://www-warc-com.proxy.worc.ac.uk/Content/ContentViewer.aspx?MasterContentRef=ec3f621a-c77d-442c-a993-a3a56cc069c3&q=building+brand+awarness&CID=A711&PUB=ADMAP (Accessed 1 March  2017)

Kourovskaia, A (2013) Increasing brand value: A masterclass from the world’s strongest brands. Available at:https://www-warc-com.proxy.worc.ac.uk/Content/ContentViewer.aspx?MasterContentRef=9c336bfb-62a2-4dcc-a0f2-3b09f0e40605&q=increasing+brand+recall&CID=A100711&PUB=WARC-RESEARCH https://www-warc-com.proxy.worc.ac.uk/Content/ContentViewer.aspx?MasterContentRef=9c336bfb-62a2-4dcc-a0f2-3b09f0e40605&q=increasing+brand+recall&CID=A100711&PUB=WARC-RESEARCH (Accessed 1 March 2017).

Michael, S (2016) 10 Ways to Better Brand Recognition. Available at:https://www.forbes.com/sites/womensmedia/2013/04/16/10-ways-to-better-brand-recognition/#32dcb699683a (Accessed 1 March 2017)

Mixify (2017) Here’s What Happened When I Tired Making My Own Nail Polish With Mixify Polish’s DIY Kit. Available at:https://www.mixifypolish.com/blogs/mixifypolish/here-what-happened-when-i-tried-making-my-own-nail-polish-with-mixify-polishs-diy-kit (Accessed 15 March 2017).

WARC (2016) Inspire with Instagram. Available at:https://www-warc-com.proxy.worc.ac.uk/PDFFilesTMP/c9e68f96-6d27-4eee-b32f-3f26d13d3f6e.PDF (Accessed 23 February 2017).


Carlos,V. (2016) Want to reach millennials? Start blogging. Available at:https://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/a89dae19-ff2e-482a-b0b5-ba690cf2b03d.aspx (Accessed 23 February 2017).

CountryLiving (2016) 23 of the Most Refreshing Summer Cocktails You’ll Ever Have. Available at:http://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/g1659/summer-drink-recipes/? (Accessed 2 March 2017)

Gee, R (2016) Rekorderlig on its transition from cider to cocktails and why cheap prices ‘destroy’ brands. Available at:https://www.marketingweek.com/2016/06/22/rekorderlig-on-its-transition-from-cider-to-cocktails-and-why-cheap-prices-destroy-brands/ (Accessed 1 March 2017).

Goldman and Sach(2016) Millennials coming of age. Available at:http://www.goldmansachs.com/our-thinking/pages/millennials/  (Accessed 1 March 2017).

Mintel (2016) ‘Cider- UK- January 2017’ Available at:http://academic.mintel.com/display/814043/ (Accessed 23 February 2017).

Mintel (2016a)  ‘Cider-UK- January 2017’ Available at:http://academic.mintel.com/display/814049/ (Accessed 23 February 2017).

O’Connor,P. (2015) What To Know When Marketing To Millennials. Available at:https://socialmediaweek.org/blog/2015/07/marketing-to-millennials/  (Accessed 17 March 2017).

Olenski,S. (2016) ‘Creating Brands That Engage Millennials.’ Forbes. Available at:http://www.forbes.com/sites/steveolenski/2016/09/28/creating-brands-that-engage-millennials/#97d32cc593b0 (Accessed 23 February 2017)

Poole,R. (2016) What Happened When I Tried and Failed at Making Dutch Pancakes. Available at:http://spoonuniversity.com/how-to/what-happened-when-i-tried-and-failed-at-making-dutch-pancakes  (Accessed 15 March 2017).

Siu,E (2015) 10 User Generated Content Campaigns That Actually Worked. Available at:https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/examples-of-user-generated-content#sm.0000t1danwqnxcursb31fksjinwsf (Accessed 15 March 2017).

Spencer,M. (2016) How to write copy that works for millennials. Available at:https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-write-copy-works-millennials-michael-spencer (Accessed 2 March 2017).

Schawbel,D. (2016) ’10 New Findings About The Millennial Consumer’. Forbes.Available at:http://www.forbes.com/sites/danschawbel/2015/01/20/10-new-findings-about-the-millennial-consumer/#591d293928a8 (Accessed 23 February 2017).

Shaughnessy,B. (2016) Ahh. The power of User Generated Content. Available at:http://www.millennialmarketing.com/2014/07/ahh-the-power-of-user-generated-content/ (Accessed 15 March 2017).

YouGovPrfiles (2016) People who drink Rekorderlig. Available at:https://yougov.co.uk/profileslite#/Rekorderlig/lifestyle (Accessed 23 February 2017).


One thought on “Portfolio Piece 6: Blog – What happened when I tried making Rekorderlig’s 5 summer cocktails

  1. Again, this is post is about why UGC is a good strategy to talk to millennials and whilst you have a lot of research in support of using UGC it’s not expanded on in your rationale? Also, think about how the message changes for each creative format…. ‘creating awareness’ might change to ‘it’s so easy to make your own Rekorderlig Cider Cocktails’. ‘Vote for the best Rekorderlig Cider Cocktail’. In addition you haven’t included (in any of your posts) how you are going to measure the success of each format? In this instance you could ask the reader to ‘Vote for the best Rekorderlig Cider Cocktail’, i.e. encourage the audience to engage with the content so that you can measure how successful the campaign has been. Perhaps give away a free Cocktail Making Kit. This is just one idea to encourage you to think about ‘impact’ and ‘measurement’.


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