3’s the magic number

So as mentioned in post number 2 we have been tasked with writing a little reflection on each lecture that we have for Advertising Campaign. Sooo… this week we were tasked with looking into brand personalty, positioning and product line extension. There were a selection of articles to choose from, and pre slides to read and annotate.

I started off with a piece written by Eric Shulz which was written in 2001. Although it was written nearly 15 years ago, pretty much all of the ideas put across are important today. For example it talks about how advertising has saturated most forms of communication and consumers feel bombarded left, right and centre by new adverts all claiming “they can change your life”. Resulting in us all becoming a bunch of cynics. The article was published in a trade journal so was a nice easy read, it further covered the fact that you should highlight your brands key aspects and sing loud and proud! But you should pick an aspect that makes you different and interesting…otherwise you are just the same as everyone else in the market! Finally it discussed that you have to sell your aspect,unique attribute and overt benefit  with a “real reason to believe.” How are you going to deliver that Image result for krispy kremebenefit. The example used in the text is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, that are fried and iced right in front of your eyes.

The second article I looked at was really interesting: “Advertising Creatives and Brand Personality: a grounded theory perspective”. Written by Jim Blythe in 2006 it discussed that the personality of the creatives who work on a brief can evolve the finished advert from the original company brief. Their personality and outlook on life can cause conflict between agency and company. Further Blythe spoke to creatives and asked them to talk about their favourite piece of work. They all picked something that they had a “personal bond” with, none of them were ground breaking, award winning or bought in crazy sales. They were something they as a creative enjoyed working on.

The third article I read was about product line extension “On the Development of brand and line extension” written by Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt in 2004. It highlighted the fact that Image result for muller yogurtlarge companies will use a stable and well known product to help add another one into the market. A great example of this is Muller – they continuously “slip” new flavours and packaging and speial editons into the market.

Overall it was a good lectuer, and I think the structure of reading in preperation and then discussing in class is a good way of learning.

One of the assignments for this moduel is a presentation about a brand, analysisng the communciatons of competitors in the market, and discussing the target audiences and how they differ. The group of girls I am working with are all really hard working and understand the theories we work with… also they’re all lovely 🙂 which helps.

So we have decided to do…….drum roll!Kopparberg.png

Hopefully it all goes smoothly!


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