Portfolio Piece 4: A4 Magazine Advert

Rekorderlig Discover Something New this Summer - A4 Printed Magazine Advert
Rekorderlig Discover Something New this Summer – A4 Printed Magazine Advert


Rekorderlig  cider is a Swedish fruit flavoured cider created in 1996, that is still brewed today in its home town, 6 different flavours are available ranging from Strawberry and Lime to Pear. A 2017 Mintel Cider Report highlights that Rekorderlig only has a 3% market share within the UK Cider Market. In comparison to Strongbow, Bulmers and direct competitor Kopparberg, this small market share offers many challenges in gaining sales and brand awareness.

The Challenge

To increase the awareness of the brand Rekorderlig cider.

The Solution

The introduction of Rekorderlig Cider as a base for summer themed cocktails.

The Result

A visual campaign showing a variety of cocktails made from a base of Rekorderlig cider.

The Business Objective and Position in the Customer Journey are Awareness Raising. To increase awareness and recall of Rekorderlig Cider within the millennial target market. Sharon Michaels a journalist at Forbes magazine explains that by keeping a brand name and message in front of the target market it constantly reminds them who the brand is, through a campaign spanning multiple channels, brands can increase their awareness.

YouGov states that Rekorderlig’s target market is millennials.  Research shows their media consumption habits include printed magazines, as well as digital, similar to this campaign. 8 out 10  millennials enjoy the physical interaction of tangible advertising and the visual experience of printed adverts.  Nicholas Brown from Brand Knew states that millennials consider printed media to be more trustworthy, therefore creating a stronger emotional connection with the messages conveyed. Katherine Halek writes for Millennial Marketing, stating that 50% of millennials seek out printed media, and would prefer print to remain a significant factor in their lives.


Rekorderlig is more than just a cider, it is ‘The Cider’ to drink this summer.


Use Rekorderlig Cider to make these great recipes – Mix Rekorderlig Cider with ice and fresh ingredients and serve as a sophisticated summer drink. Easy to make. Friends will love it.


Measured by the number of people who have registered at Rekorderlig.com for the free mini cocktail set. This also creates an opportunity to capture customer email addresses for future campaigns.

The tone of voice is style, refreshing and sophisticated, conveyed visually through an image of the Rekorderlig cider cocktails. Simple glasses showing the cocktails, on a white table cloth, with a text overlay outlining the recipe, and the tag line “Discover something new this summer you might be surprised…”. A small Rekorderlig bottle in the corner (applicable to the recipe) and a logo. Nigel Huddleston writes an article on millennials drink choices explaining that millennial customers are experimenting with sweeter tasting drinks. The image suggests the flavour of the drink – fruity, sweet and refreshing. The image conveys simplicity and sophistication through the glasses, the table cloth and the image composition. The background is light adding contrast to the drinks making the colour pop, conveying summer, bright sunny days.

Visual Research shows that it is common to have a product shot, logo and brand colours, used with captivating images and text to catch the audiences attention and stand out.

Image specifications:


Size: 210 mm by 297 mm

Resolution: 300 dpi

Bleed: 3mm

Colour: CYMK

Image (advert) from the sock image library Unsplash

Rekorderlig bottle, logo from Rekorderlig Website 

Research images from magazine drink adverts UK 2016


Image source: Unsplash  Rekorderlig Cider

Brown, N(2016) What Marketers need to know about millennials and print. Available at:http://www.brandknewmag.com/what-marketers-need-to-know-about-millennials-and-print/ (Accessed 7 March 2017).

Halek,K. (2015) Digital Vs Print: which one will save your Marketing in 2015. Available at:http://www.millennialmarketing.com/2015/04/digital-vs-print-which-one-will-save-your-marketing-in-2015/ (Accessed 7 March 2017).

Huddleston (2015) Millennial trends: play the generation game. Available at:http://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Running-your-pub/Marketing/Millennial-trends-play-the-generation-game  (Accessed 15 March 2017).

Iron Moutain (2016) Turning Back the Pages: Why Millennials Prefer Print (and what you need to do next). Available at:http://www.ironmountain.com/Knowledge-Center/Reference-Library/View-by-Document-Type/General-Articles/T/Turning-Back-the-Pages-Why-Millennials-Prefer-Print-and-What-You-Need-to-Do-Next.aspx (Accessed 7 March 2017).

Michael, S (2016) 10 Ways to Better Brand Recognition. Available at:https://www.forbes.com/sites/womensmedia/2013/04/16/10-ways-to-better-brand-recognition/#32dcb699683a (Accessed 1 March 2017).

Mintel (2017) Cider-UK-January 2017. Available at:http://academic.mintel.com/display/814043/  (Accessed 21 March 2017).

Rekorderlig (2017) About Us. Available at:http://www.rekorderlig.com/cz/flavours/ (Accessed 21 March 2017).

Unsplash (2017) Unsplash. Available at:https://unsplash.com/ (Accessed 29 March 2017).

YouGov (2016) Rekorderlig Profile. Available at:https://yougov.co.uk/opi/browse/Rekorderlig (Accessed 15 March 2017)


Business objective

To increase awareness and recall of the brand Rekorderlig within the millennial target market. Source: Michaels , Source: Anastasia Kourovskaia at Warc, Source: Warc, Source: Nigel Jones, Louise Cook and Clive Cooper at Warc.

 Audience Research

The target audience for  Rekorderlig  is millennials (18-24’s) both women and men who are trend setters,  want to break the mould and are always looking for something new and exciting YouGov  Schawbel  Olenski .

Howen brings evidence from the study Millennials:An Emerging Consumer Powerhouse that even though we class Millennials as digital natives, “digital savvy” and the generation of social media, nearly half of them now ignore digital advertising, and in fact magazines and print can have a great impression. With half of millennials making a purchase decision due to something they have read in a magazine.

Source: Howen; Millennials: An Emerging Consumer Powerhouse

58%  enjoy looking at print adverts in physical images

49% made a purchase because of something they saw in a magazine

42% prefer to have a subscription rather than a one off purchase

8 out 10 millennials say that they enjoy the physical interaction of magazines, cards, letters ext as it makes them feel more connected than digital emails, text etc. They enjoy being able to touch, hold and interact with something in their hands not just on a computer, tablet or phone screen.

This all suggests that millennials are still actively affected and seeking out print advertising. In fact Halek highlights that in a JWT survey, it showed that over 50% of millennials would prefer print to remain a significant factor in their lives (even with digital taking over every other aspect of our lives).

Position in Customer Journey

Awareness-  this A4 printed advert  will be to raise awareness of the product and brand Rekorderlig cider to consumers who may have never come across it before.

Tone of Voice

  • Style
  • Refreshing
  • Sophisticated


  • Rekorderlig is more than just a cider, it is ‘The Cider’ to drink this summer.

Creative Format

  •  1 A4  magazine advert


Survey’s online to millennials/ focus group market research pre and post campaign to measure millennial awareness and recall


Try these great recipes – Mix with ice and fresh ingredients and serve as a sophisticated summer drink. Easy to make. Friends will love it.

Image Specifications

This is built on InDesign

Size: 42cm by 59.4cm (this can be in mm or cm depending on the preference and the image being created)

Resolution: 300 dpi (this optimal and large enough for printed images)

Bleed: 3mm bleed (allowing the image to wrap to the edge of the page – no border)

Colour: CYMK (print colours)

Semiotic meaning of image

The product in the glass is red, combined with the ice, condensation, bubbles  and fresh fruit, it signifies to the audience that the drink is refreshing, satisfying and thirst quenching, demonstrating the benefit to the consumer of buying Rekorderlig.

The image even suggests the flavour of the drink, fruity, berry flavour and sweet and potentially not alcoholic. Huddelston suggests this would further attract Rekorderlig’s millennial target market. The combination of the pink liquid and the fresh green garnish’s help to add contrast and brighten each colour, making the drink even more attractive, fresh but still easy to make at home.

The background of the image, of a white table cloth, the mint stems and the simplicity of the image suggests a rustic feel, but at the same time the drink looks sophisticated. The image is also light, which suggests summer, bright days (not warm soft light like winter).

Read more here -> Rekorderlig: Visual imagery and Semiotic Analysis


Source: Google Images Bulmers Print Adverts; Google Images Rekoderilg Adverts; Creative Bloq

Source: magazine drink adverts UK 2016magazine adverts 2016

100 Brilliant print adverts 

60 Best Print Advertising Campaigns 

Within the research I have done there is always a product in shot, brand colours, and it really stops you and catches your eye.

Kokemuller highlights that print advertising specifically in magazines, offers a great benefit to the brand, as it offers high impact message. Full-page magazine adverts which are rich with colour and visual imagery can attract attention and enhance the visual presentation for a brands products. Further he adds that  magazines tend to use glossy finishes, and allow for a large full colour spread, coupled with the use of bleeds allows images to go right to the edge of the page (without a boarder) giving brands an opportunity to really make the product stand out.

Halek points out that even though the death of print was predicted, from my research and looking in depth, it shows that print advertising is still going strong, which demonstrates new potential for innovative, creative advertising concepts.

What type of magazine?

The type of magazine, can have a greater effectiveness if targeted at the right audience (food, fashion). Kokemuller highlights that by advertising a product, brand, service that is closely tied to the magazines theme, the advert will have significantly more success as you are capitalizing on the readers natural interests. Therefore it is key to identify the links between your brand and your reader audience, to gain the most from your advert.

The magazines with the highest circulation (and actively purchased) that fit within the millennial target market include:

Most Read Weekly Magazine – Readership- 15-34 year old women

6% OK! Magazine

4.3% Take A Break

3.7% Heat

Source: NRS Womens Magazines

Most Read General Magazines – Readership- 15-34 adults


What’s on TV – 3.3%


BBC Top Gear 3.7%

Men’s Health 3.6%

Empire 2.4%

Source: NRS General Magazines

As the Rekorderlig adverts main objective is to increase awareness of the brand within the millennial demographic, the examples above could be good magazines to target as they all have a millennial readership base. The adverts would catch their eye as it needs to appeal to the things they like. It would be a waste of money and resources to run this advert in a magazine like “Good House Keeping” or “Radio Times” as the demographic dose not fit (there maybe some millennials that purchase these magazines but not enough to justify print a full page colour advert)

 Check out my drafts and the creative process for this portfolio piece 

Research on Text overlay

Whilst I went through the creative process since in the link above, I have also developed the final look. The image is beautiful and light, with lots of white space, but I wanted the text to run over the middle. I therefore needed to play with how to make the text more prominent and readable. I did some research, looking at the way I have used text in the other portfolio pieces, and some other examples.

From the research, I really like how each of these examples use type in different ways. With some making space for the type and others using type as an overlay. With all though the type is prominent and legible.


Halek,K. (2015) Digital Vs Print: which one will save your Marketing in 2015. Available at:http://www.millennialmarketing.com/2015/04/digital-vs-print-which-one-will-save-your-marketing-in-2015/ (Accessed 7 March 2017).

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Statista (2016) Monthly reach of Good Housekeeping magazine in Great Britain from July 2015 to June 2016, by demographic group (in 1,000s). Available at:https://www.statista.com/statistics/380944/good-housekeeping-monthly-reach-by-demographic-uk/  (Accessed 8 March 2017).

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3 thoughts on “Portfolio Piece 4: A4 Magazine Advert

  1. Hi Emily, you have pulled together some good research in support of your concept idea. If i was to summarise your rationale it would be as follows:
    Objective: Either Awareness (Educational) or Prospective Customer (Promotional).
    Target Audience: Millennials. Research shows media consumption habits include printed magazines, specifically? Choose the most appropriate based on research?
    Message: Rekorderlig is more than just a cider, it is ‘The Cider’ to drink this summer.
    Concept: Try these great recipes – Mix with ice and fresh ingredients and serve as a sophisticated summer drink. Easy to make. Friends will love it.

    The visual solution: strong imagery to communicate the message, note today’s workshop on type on an image.

    List appropriate references to support the rationale and the creative execution.

    I hope this summary helps you to make sense of your research and communicate a clear rationale. Less is more. Happy to talk later…. wendy.


  2. Notes: 210 mm x 297 mm is one A4 page, so what size is your DPS across two pages? The advert is going to be split right across the centre where there is text which will spoil the message. Consider changing to a half page advert to resolve. Or consider moving the heading and recipe text to the right page with the left page showing just the cocktail and the logo – I think this will have the most impact.
    Again excellent research, although if you actually analyse your readership research for magazines the percentages are very low so the actual numbers would have to be worth it, e.g. 3% millenial readers could equal 40,000 millenials or 40 millenials. The cost of the DPS is worked out by the cost of the DPS per 1,000 target readers. This equation (called cost per 1,000) is how you work out which media to advertise with – how much does it cost to reach 1,000 of your target audience?


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