All because the lady loves… not this lady

So on Saturday night sandwiched between one terrible Xfactor act, and oh look another terrible act was the grand return of the Cadbury Milk Tray advert.  Well lets just say times have changed since the 19 advert series was interrupting our Saturday night tele. Literally times have changed…it’s been 13 years! Thats along time, think of all the things that have changed since 2003….i’ll leave you to ponder on that thought (I was 9 when the last advert went live, wow.)

I wanted to post a little something in relation to this advert, nothing too ground breaking just to say ahhhh I HATE IT! Whilst it ran, I sat with my three female house mates, in a nest of cheap chocolate and crisp wrappers, in our pink heart covered dressing gowns. I just watched there faces, they were totally perplexed by it! They don’t remember the “iconic” black roll neck, they were 9 when it was last on our screens! They laughed at the whispered “all because the lady loves”. We then had a few giggles over the fact that if there hadn’t been a package shot they thought it was a female pleasure product!! yes we are all 22 year old studying students but I tell you what you’ll watch that advert with in a very different light.


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