it’s been a while…

When starting this blog, I did say that I would post every week. However with deadlines and specifically a presentation for this module  really kicking in and a few lectures where we just prep time. I’ve kind of missed a few.

Today myself and my group shared our presentation assignment to our lecturer.  This time round, maybe because it’s third year and every grade counts, i was so nervous. We worked very hard on this presentation, on research, the theme and concept and practising the words. It went smoothly, we got everything across we needed to, and obviously we all looked super nice (all white shirts, black jeans and boots….yes girl band). There was not a chance for questions, but we got a good vibe from our lecturer, so fingers crossed!

Above are some examples from the the presentation. Including the creative agency idea i came up with – Above & Beyond.

The second part of this assessment is to use some of our research to build a creative brief, so slightly working backwards. This is again a group project, each person must do 1000 words. So once we have feedback on the presentation we can really get going. I’ve got a lot of deadlines after Christmas, so a going to get this done this week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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