Week 5, post 5.

Week 5, and we were talking about creative campaign and what’s behind the consumer thinking process.

In advance of the lecture we were asked to read an case study called  “Making better decisions: The role of behavioural economics” which was really interesting. The author uses Morrisons “grow your own” as a great example of perusing the behaviour and not just simply the attitude, the brand was communicated with the customers in a more convincing way.

In the rest of the lecture we talked about how to complete a strategy statement/ creative brief, which will help to support our group assignment presentations and reports.

Creative breif exmple.png
An example Strategy Statement/ Creative brief for the Infirmary live brief

To support the example above we discussed the importance of strategy comes first. When creating advertising you should always do:

  1. Strategy 2) Concept 3) Campaign

To finish the lecture we watched a documentary that showed the history of advertising fro the 1950’s- to the present day. It was most certainly eye opening. I was aware and had written an essay on the sexism and misogyny within advertising. But that was based on the last 10 years. The view of woman in the 50/60/70’s was created and reinforced by advertising and the rich white men thinking they new what women wanted. It is something I feel very strongly about.

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