Post number 4

So, week 4 of third year, it’s all stepping up a gear now. This lecture was a bit different, we were given some slides and articles to look at in relation to “Media Planning”. These are going to be very helpful with the expansion of our 1st Assignment, a presentation. Giving information surrounding “Reach vs Frequency”, Media Strategy and Media Selection Options. In the next couple of weeks we will be applying this to our chosen brand.

The Presentation 

Over the last week my group and I have been starting to pull together our presentation – A Communications Analysis of Bottled Fruit Cider, with the end task of offering advertising and communication suggestions to Rekorderlig. We started to look at the Top Five Market Share products, and compare their Target Audiences, and their communication strategies..

Each group went through their slides in front of the class, as we were last to go we were taking close note of everyone else’s and the feedback given. We were unsure if we were missing something, or had we got it right?! Turns out there was only 1 piece of  “negative” feedback and one “to work on”. So we were SUPER happy. When we started this presentation we actually made a larger, more in- depth one and cut it down. Meaning we have a lot of references and information to work with (which is always helpful).

Presentation Next Steps

The next steps are… to start to add some more information in regard to the Rekorderlig’s current positioning and the start to get creative on what to offer as new ideas! The fun bit! We are hoping to use Canva as a medium of presentation, to really make it slick and professional.

Live Briefs

This year the Uni have created something new, Live Briefs, local companies are welcomed to send in Communication problems for us to suggest creative ideas and frame work. At the end they are submitted and we get a certificate of participation – to help boost our CV’s …cool huh! At the moment we are working on a Leaflet redesign for The Infirmary Museum at our City Campus. The original is very basic, design, pictures, copy and even paper wise. Below are a selection of the 1st draft slides that we are using to share our suggestions.

I’ll update you on the progress as we get more done.

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