Portfolio piece 2- creative brief 2

Instagram sponsored advert Creative Brief

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Business objective 

  • To increase Rekorderlig’s current market share from 3% to 5% in the UK Cider market (Mintel 2016)
  • To increase awareness and recall of the brand Rekorderlig within the millennial target market from 47% to 60% (Mintel 2016a) 
  • Increase Instagram followers from 15.6k to 20k, increasing followers by 4.4k (Instagram 2016).

Audience Research 

The target audience for both Rekorderlig and instragram is millennials (18-24’s) both women and men who are trend setters,  want to break the mould and are always looking for something new and exciting (YouGov 2016; Schawbel 2016; Olenski 2016).

In 2016 Instagram announced that is now has more than 500 million users, with 95 million photos being share per day, 3.5 billion likes every day and 38.4% of  users are within the millennial age bracket (16-24)  (Murgia 2016Avocado Social 2016). Further over half of 18-24 year old’s check their social media times lines as soon as they wake up, this means that there is an allotted time where this audience is scrolling through Instagram with no interference. Allowing for a great opportunity to capture their interest with a sponsored Rekorderlig advert (Avocado Social 2016).

Within this target audience there is a equal split between male and female users (White 2016) this will ensure that neither gender is missed and both are target simultaneously. Moreover the execution of the sponsored advert works with text layered over the top is perfect for Instagram, as users are 40% more receptive to pictures and basic text, sparking interest and click throughs to the Rekorderlig website (Palmer 2015; White 2016).

Images on Instagram are perceived by users as 2.8x more imaginative, 2x more creative and 2.8x more distinctive than other social media platforms, fitting to the tone of voice of the sponsored advert and the brand (WARC 2016). Further 29% of users said that Instagram helps them to discover new things and ideas, and 53% specifically use Instagram to seek out new content and ideas, making Instagram a good tool to use for this target audience (WARC 2016).

Position in Customer Journey

Awareness-  this sponsored advert will be to raise awareness of the product and brand Rekordelig cider to consumers who may have never come across it. Demonstrating the vibe of the brand through consistent branding and tone of voice all educating the consumer on the surprising benefits gained from buying and drinking Rekorderlig cider

Tone of Voice

  • Light hearted
  • Personable/real
  • Discovery


  • Discover something different this summer with Rekorderlig

Creative Format 

Instagram sponsored advert


  • Analysis of likes of sponsored adverts
  • Analysis of followers pre campaign, during and post
  • Survey’s online to millennials/ focus group market research pre and post campaign to measure millennial awareness and recall.
  • Analysis of unique visitors and visitors to Rekorderlig website


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